Rising Sun Gallery specializes in the following interior and exterior areas:

  1. Entry Ways
  2. Transoms
  3. Skylights
  4. Bathroom Windows
  5. Sidelights
  6. Domes
  7. Cabinet Doors
  • Entry Ways
  • Transoms
  • Skylights
  • Bathrooms
  • Sidelights
  • Domes
  • Cabinets
Rising Sun Gallery :: Entry Ways

We specialize in entry ways, foyers and other pathways that lead into the home, office or church. The atmosphere of the entry can be dramatically improved by simply incorporating any of our designs or a design that you have in mind. Inserting colorful blends and majestic stained glass art can be addressed in the right manner and enhance your guest's experience as they enter your domain. Call us for assistance in this area of your location...

Rising Sun Gallery :: Transoms

Transoms are an architectural highlight to any living area of your domain. We find many applications in which transoms offer an excellent addition to the aesthetics of your home and its overall appearance. The addition of transoms are by far a worthy expense as this feature can improve the overall architectural and curb appeal appearance of the home. Stained glass transoms are suggested as strong considerations for selecting a design feature when searching for an excellent return on investment.

Rising Sun Gallery :: Skylights

Skylights are another addition that can beautify the ambience of a dwelling interior. The natural sunlight that can penetrate a room increases the brilliance of that area and flood the room with pure sunlight. Incorporating stained glass into a skylight feature, improves the appearance of the skylight. Stained glass skylights can be designed any number of ways. We can assist you with the process of selecting a design or begin with a design you may have in mind.

Rising Sun Gallery :: Bathrooms

Stained glass in bathrooms have enormous potential to enhance and improve the atmosphere with minimal effort. Introducing our artwork into your bathroom can impact the appeal of that area. We are confident that your bathroom area will gain from our work, especially when introducing color and brilliance through a window.

Rising Sun Gallery :: Sidelights

Stained glass sidelights add overall appeal to the entry way and can enable a level of privacy without becoming completely transparent. The features can build on the aesthetics of the existing entry. A favorable architectural perspective can be gathered by incorporating stained glass sidelights. Stepping out of the bland and common to the intricate and unique are results that we can deliver through sidelights.

Rising Sun Gallery :: Domes

One of our most amazing challenges, the architectural dome. By combining techniques taught and practiced over time, this invaluable experience has offered Rising Sun the ability to produce wonderful semi-sphere creations. Stained glass for this particular project has an overwhelming impact, where the first observation is typically one that evokes, "wow!". Rising Sun possesses the means to carry out such a project and can deliver it with amazing results.

Rising Sun Gallery :: Cabinets

Cabinets are a fantastic opportunity for stained glass. These important structures are one of the most continuously used features within the dwelling. Incorporating stained glass within these elements of the domain, offers an up lifting appearance to their design. As they are a frequently used object, much can be gained by inserting stained glass elements to cabinets. They truly hold a wealth of opportunity for stained glass.

Rising Sun Gallery has an array of experience that revolves around the Stained Glass Industry. We specialize in creating magnificent stained glass designs to enhance or improve the appearance of any given area.

Our practice involves the combination of skills necessary to deliver any kind of stained glass production. Our work can be completely customizable and can be drawn from your imagination.
With an endless imagination and creativity the sky is the limit!